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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainbow Party

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share a cute Rainbow Party idea.

Love how simple this idea is, but how bright and fun it can be!! 
These pictures are from {The Pleated Poppy}
Great idea to hang tons of balloons from the ceiling.
I also love that rainbow spots table runner/strip of fabric.
This party was an art party, so I love the use of art supplies as a centerpiece! 
Isn't that cute!? 
What kid doesn't love making paper chains?  They could help you make the decorations on this one.  Love that idea. 
Straws.  Super cute. 
Love this food idea!  So healthy and so cute looking!  We don't need skittles to taste the rainbow. :) 

I also found this fun party at {Kara's Party Ideas} with some more great Rainbow Party ideas. 
Love those paper flowers!  Another great diy idea that kids can help make.  They're just paper folded like fans - probably two pieces taped together to make a circle, and then they cut the ends to make them pointy.  Love the way this looks!  Such a pop of bright color!! 
Chocolate covered cookies?  Just dye the chocolate and dip.  Super cute, and fun idea. 
Love these colorful drinks! 
A jar full of gumballs.
I love chocolate covered pretzels and the rainbow sprinkles on these make them a super cute addition to this fun party idea. 
Another take on that rainbow fruit idea.  Yummy fruit kababs.
I love this idea!  We might have to eat a lot of these things on St. Patrick's Day.  But, this would make a great party any time of year.

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