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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boys Rooms

As we get ready to move our toddler from his nursery into a little boys room, I've been collecting some inspiration.  Here's what I've got so far.
Love restoration hardware.  I don't understand why it's so hard to find the most basic bedding sometimes.  I love the simple stripes.  No character beds for my little guy.  Also loving the truck on the floor.  How cool is that old thing!!  Jason would love playing with it.   The vintage clip boards hanging on the wall are a fun idea, too.
I've always loved the nautical look.  This room is so simple, yet really cute.  I love how all the furniture and even the wall covering ties into the theme.  Cute little paddles resting against the wall...
I've always had a thing for airplanes.  And this room is one of my all time faves.  LOVE the giant world map on the wall!!  How easy would it be to do that yourself using a projector!?  Also loving the compass above the bed, and of course the airplanes.  The bedding is adorable, as well.  i love the mixed stripes and plaids.  Might try to make a quilt like this.  It's just strips of fabric sewn together.
And another airplane room.  This is a nursery, but I think a lot of this room could translate toward a boys room.  Love the airplanes on the wall, and the giant ridable one, too.  I gotta find one of those!!  I'm also in love with the miniature aviator jacket hung in the frame.  How cute is that!!?
Loving the colors in this room.  I love the way that name looks above the bed - like giant type setting.  Also love the globe and the little traveling figurines - the elephant, the hat, the giraff, the basket.  All really cute.
Here's a cute baseball themed room.  If I were going to go with baseball as a theme, I'd try to pattern it after this one.  Isn't that bucket of balls cute~!?
More stores need to get in on the similar bedding in different colors trend.  It seems like Potterybarn is the only one to get the memo.  Makes it so much easier to make a shared room look nice!!!  I love the "matching" bedding in this boys room.  It's just a standard boys room, but the similar bedding makes it look really good.
This may be one of my favorite shared boys rooms of all time.  So simple, yet so cute!!  I LOVE the similar bedding in different colors.  It gives each child a sense of identity even though they are sharing a room.  I also love the black and white posters of different sports hung above the beds.  Maybe the child's favorite sport could be showcased here.
Cute ideas~!


M.O.T.B said...

Where did you find that last photo? I have been looking everywhere for boy rooms and I love the baseball one too, I wanted the bedding but it is out of stock at Pottery Barn:( The new MLB bedding isn't as cute! I love the photos above the bed in the last one too! Maybe i should do a basket of baseballs!!!

Anonymous said...

hello there! just found you and boy, you sound full of energy and happiness, love it! having raised two boys of our own, i understand being pulled toward the design ideas you show, love them all. have fun making the little ones new room and can't wait to see what you come up with.

Kifus said...

To tell you the truth, the room I like best is the one with all that natural wood and tones of beige and brown. However, I believe a little boy would be more drawn to a room with brighter colours.
I'd love to see his room and how you finally decided to decorate it.

A happy weekend to you, Brittany!

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