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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Designing a Dance Studio

My sister in law recently asked me for tips regarding her dance studio:
 She wanted to know what I would suggest to make it pop.
 So, I thought for a minute and decided that all the coolest dance studios have brick walls:

 It doesn't really matter what color the brick is.  Brick just brings an urban feel into the space which ups the cool factor by a lot!
I'd also suggest doing something fun with the ceiling.  Either making that woodwork pop, or painting it white...
Or even lining it with tin like this one.  Wow!
 The other thing that can take a dance studio from dull to amazing is the lighting.  While florescent lights are very practical, they don't provide the best light.  They're not very flattering to skin tone or texture, and their light is really flat and cold.  
These globe lantern lights are kind of fun.  
But, I would definitely suggest recessed or pendant lighting as well. 
 There's something magical about dancing in and out of pools of light.
 It's so pretty and moody.
Especially spilling down a brick wall:
 And let's go back to my favorite dance studio:
I really love how they used twinkle lights around the floor.  Isn't that just so fun!!? 
I mean, you could even go crazy and use twinkle lights to line the windows if you wanted to!
 Throwing a marquee light like this (just maybe not quite so huge) up on the wall would take it up a notch as well.
The only other thing I'd suggest is using benches around the walls.  Vintage benches, or handmade wooden benches.  
I think they're not only cute but practical and can seat more people than individual chairs can.

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