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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lego Birthday Party (on the cheap!)

For about a year before his birthday, even before the Lego movie came out, my son has been telling me he wants a Lego party.  So, with lots of time to prepare, I put this together.
Found this awesome free invitation {here on Pinterest} and I downloaded a free Lego looking font to fill it out in word.  I also changed the top of the invite to say "Everything is Awesome!  Everything is cool when you Party with Me!"  Thank you Lego Movie for such a great caption!  My son helped me make these invitations.  We printed them out, and then cut colored cardstock for the back.  We also cut circles out of cardstock and stuck them on using a 3d foamy sticker so they stood out a little bit.  He loved them!
We used the same technique to make this awesome lego banner.  I just cut construction paper in half and then a ton of circles and stuck them on with foamy stickers.  Then, clothes pinned them to a ribbon using mini clothespins from Walmart.  I love those things!  
Together with my awesome bunting from Target that I use at every party, it made a pretty great backdrop for our food table. 
I created some food stands to give it some height using shoe boxes and some primary colored wrapping paper.  It was just the ticket. 
Our drink was orange juice, which of course I labeled "Lego Juice".  Legos are fun because they're so organized and orderly.  To stick with that idea, I got these square compartment trays from the $ store to display the food. 
Then I made these "Lego Cookies" using graham crackers, colored frosting, and m&ms.  They were cheap and easy and the kids loved them.  Win! 
I decided to serve little finger foods that looked like they'd been chopped off the top of legos and call them "Lego Bits" - thank you Walmart for selling those smily face fruit snacks.  That and the mini marshmallows were perfect.  
Then, I made these "Lego Crackers" using string cheese that I sliced and stuck on with easy cheese.  Cheap, easy, and the kids loved them.  Another win! 
Lastly, we had "Lego Corn" which was popcorn of course.  I made these bags using dollar store colored lunch bags which I cut the top off of and used that to make the circles.  Then, we used the same technique as we used on the invite and banner to stick em on. 
Lastly, I made an icecream cake.  My son doesn't really like cake, so this was perfect!  And if you've never made {this icecream cake} you gotta try it!  There was never anything so easy that seems so impressive when you serve it!  When I frosted it, I just stacked up some oreos on the top and frosted around them to make it look like a lego.  It was a big win!
Couldn't have been happier with the way everything turned out! 
And this guy was pretty pleased himself.
We borrowed these kid sized table and chairs from our church which were perfect for the space we had and the amount of kids we needed to seat!  So, when the kids got there, we had them sit down and color a lego head.
And our first game was pin the lego head on the lego guy.  I found these little stars like the one my son is wearing at a school/teacher store near me and turned them into stickers by putting some double stick tape on the back.  These were given to the winner of each of our games.  And by the end we had a lot of specials running around our house! 
I made these bean bag toss's from boxes that I wrapped in yellow wrapping paper and decorated with construction paper.  We just used a "sword of exacto" (haha) to cut the mouths out.  I made the beanbags out of felt and they, too, got the circle treatment but I glued their circles on with hot glue.  Whoever got the most beanbags in the mouths was the special!
I made this lego toss using poster board and construction paper which I cut and taped together to make different sized circles.  
The kids had 4 legos to toss and whoever got the most points was the special!
Honestly, the kids weren't really into these games.  There were a few who participated in every game, but most of them were just running around playing.  

Our last game was musical chairs which we played to the "Everything is Awesome" song.  Honestly, we could have just done without any of the other games and played this one over and over for the whole party because after the first game when everyone cried when they got out, they LOVED playing this!  And we played it like 10 times until finally they were excited about who got out and cheered for the winners!  It's hard to loose when you're 5.  But, the more they played, the more they loved it! 
Then we all ate. 
Opened gifts. (self made crown there) 
And had cake! 
And before everyone left, they got a goodie bag. 
Which included these little coloring books I made using free lego coloring pages I printed 4 to a sheet, cut them in half so they were 2 to a sheet, and sewed them all together.  I also found this awesome image of the "you are special" quote from the movie that we used as the cover page and a lego "thanks for coming" that we used as the back.  I stuck in a "The Special" star and a box of crayons from the $ store. 
My kid could not have been happier.  And I think everyone had a great time!

If you want word copies or PDF's of any of this stuff, just email me!

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