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Monday, September 22, 2014

Flipping the Deck

This is our deck.
  It was in pretty bad shape when we bought our house and has been on our "To Do List" ever since we moved in.
Obviously the boards were well worn and hadn't been taken care of for quite some time.    
But there were other things too.  Like the railing, or lack thereof.  We had a lot of work on our hands.
The first item of business was to close up the side.  It had been left completely open and critters were becoming a problem for us.  So, my awesome hubby bought some latice and went to work.  Love the way it turned out! 
Then he started flipping the boards.  Literally.  It took hours and hours and hours and HOURS.  But, the underside of those boards was like new. 
There were only a few boards that had to be replaced.  
And after all that hard work, it was so pretty!
Next up was beefing up that railing a little bit.  We'd been looking online and finally found a pattern for how we wanted it to look.
And this is what we came up with.  We are in love!
I just can't get over how different it looks.
This last weekend, we stained the entire thing.  It feels like it took all summer!  
 But we are sure happy with the results. 
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