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Monday, July 14, 2014

Scatter Sunshine Relief Society Activity

We recently had a great activity for our Relief Society sisters.  Relief Society is a group within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for women. 
This was our invitation and display for the activity. 

I got the idea for this activity on Pinterest of course.  These are all images found on the many pins I found.  I thought it would be great to have little baskets of sunshine ready to give someone once a need arises.

You could really fill the basket with anything, but we chose to keep everything yellow to go with the "sunshine" theme.

For the activity, we had a sister teach us how to make baskets using paper bags and paper twists.  That was our time filler.  Another idea I had was to have someone speak about service.  But for this one, we made it a crafty activity.

We had a few things for people to put in their baskets, but we didn't have enough to fill it so that people could personalize it any way they wanted when they gave it away.

The items we provided were pens with flowers taped onto them - you know: daisy pens.
Also little yellow card/envelope packages,
waterbottles which we labeled with sunshines,
along with single lemonade drink packets,
paper enveloopes like you get at the bakery that they could put a little goodie in,
and lastly the dove caramel hearts - cause they're packaged individually in gold. 
Everything was yellow.

Once the sisters made their baskets, they got to fill them up with the items we provided.

Personally I love these baskets most for using when people are feeling under the weather.  Love all the little goodies in this huge teacup.  

A lot of the pins on my {Scatter Sunshine Pinboard} come with printables you can use if you make your own baskets.  These are the printables we used.  

Everyone got a card - I printed about 6 on a sheet. 

And every waterbottle got a sunshine.  We just peeled off the lables and stuck this on instead.
We also provided the sisters with this list of ideas for what else they could include in their baskets:

Lemon Heads
Yellow Starbursts
Sunkist Lemon Gummies
Extra Dessert Lemon Gum
Golden Oreos
Juicy Fruit Gum
Jello/Pudding Cup
Sugar Babies/Sugar Daddy
Jelly Beans
Wheat Thins
Shortbread Cookies
Lays Potato Chips
Homemade: Banana Bread, Yellow Frosted Cookies, Lemon Bars, Cinnamon Rolls, etc.

Snapple Drink
Lemon Lime Gatorade

Little Gifts (All Yellow)
Nail Polish and Nail File
Flip Flops
Lotion/Hand Sanitizer 
Spa Accessories like Headbands, Towels, Wash Cloths, etc.
Burts Bee's Products
Lip gloss/Chap-stick
Notepad/Post-it Notes
Rubber Duck
Drink Cup with Straw

Just to name a few…  A good idea is to make the basket more specific to the recipient’s needs, once you have a person in mind.  Be Creative!  Put your own twist on it!  Have fun!

It was a great and also fun service project.  And I've already used these baskets twice.  People love them!
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