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Monday, January 20, 2014

Gifts of Love Service Auction Relief Society Activity

There seems to be a lack of Relief Society Activity ideas on the internet, so I've decided to add to the idea pool.  This was an activity that went really well for us.
For the month of February last year, we decided to have a service auction.  And we thought the title "Gifts of Love" tied in well with the whole Valentine theme in February.
To advertise for the even, we decorated our board like a present and had the information for the event printed and placed on the board like a tag for the present.

We sent out the following to give the sisters ideas for what kind of items they could bring to auction off:
(contact me for a PDF or Word file)
To decorate for the event, we first made some heart strings to hang from the ceiling.  Using the idea from {this post} I just cut out a bunch of little hearts randomly and sewed them together on my sewing machine.  Cheap and easy, and we hung them up with white thumb tacks.  The effect was pretty cute. 

We got pink table cloths and just placed a piece of tissue paper in the middle as a centerpiece. 

Then, I just brought my Valentine's Day decorations from home to fill the center of the tables.

We had a questionnaire, a pencil, and a heart for them to label sitting at each place.

We had one main table set up in the front for all the items to be auctioned off to sit on.

In the center of that table, I set up a "tree" for the services to be auctioned off to hang from.  Each item to be auctioned off was labeled with one of these hearts made using heart shaped doilies and cardstock. 

The food table was decorated as well.

As people arrived, we encouraged them to eat, and fill out the questionnaire.  The questionnaire from {Mish Mash Mom} is how they got points to use to purchase the Gifts of Love.   

Once everyone had arrived and the questionnaires were all filled out, we encouraged everyone to take one last look at all the times to be auctioned off before we began.

I was the auctioneer, and just went from item to item until every single service or gift had been "purchased".

It was a great time for everyone.  There was a lot of love going around, and quite a few items that were "fought" over.  We had quite a spread of different gifts.  There were services from cooking classes to planning parties.  There were items from home made bread to decorations to something someone promised to make for someone else.

All in all, it was a great night and very unifying for everyone involved.  We loved it so much, we've decided to do it again this year.
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