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Monday, February 18, 2013

Letter W Week

Put W up on our {ABC Wall}
Make a W Watermelon like {Counting Coconuts}
Eat watermelon, waffles, wheat thins, whales crackers, etc.

Make a Handprint Walrus like {Red Ted Art}
Go to Walmart
Watch Winnie the Pooh
Learn about George Washington
Make George Washington hair like {Sandy Toes and Popcicles} but with cotton balls
Go to a Waterpark!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pink Party

In honor of Valentine's Day,
 I thought this was a super cute party!  All pink, but fairly easy to pull together.
Just pink flowers in jars, a pink runner, a pink cake,
 pink balloons and lanterns hanging from the ceiling, pink beads and ribbons draped on the chandelier.
super cute!
Then, just serve all your favorite pink foods - mostly cookies! And pink drinks with pink straws and pink utensils.
Love everything about this party! How cute!! Check it out at {The Pleated Poppy}.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Double Double Bedroom

What a great idea!  Great way to fit more guests in the guest room!
Two double beds.
It's just as cute as twin beds, but a lot more grown up!
Great idea.

Letter V Week

Put Letter V up on our {ABC Wall}
Make a V Vase full of Violets like {Counting Coconuts}
Make a handprint Vulture like {Red Ted Art}
Eat Vegetables, V8, and Vanilla things.
Watch Valiant
Make Valentines
Have a Valentine's Day Party!
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