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Friday, November 15, 2013


The older I get, the easier it seems like it would be to just skip over this Thanksgiving time of year and move right into Christmas.  I love Christmas!  And every year, the time left until Christmas seems to get shorter and shorter.
But, then I see a thankful display like this, and I am once again so glad we have Thanksgiving - especially right before Christmas! 
What a perfect time of year to remember all that we have been blessed with!
I decided to have a go at a thankful banner like this one I saw on Pinterest.
It turned out to be pretty easy!  We cut 8" x 4" pieces out of burlap, folded them in half and cut an inch high triangle notch out of the bottom, then zigzaged the edges.
And I ended up just sewing the flags to the ribbon so they wouldn't slide around - they're about 1/2" apart.
After that, we just cut out "thankful" on a cricut using glitter paper - "anu" were 2.5" tall and "thkfl" were 3.5" tall.
I glued them to the flags using a no sew fabric glue, but at our Super Saturday (craft day for tons of women) we realized that hot glue was just as effective and dried a lot faster! 
And I'm just loving the way it looks on my mantle this year!  What a great reminder it is every day.
After all,
This is the perfect time of year to focus on what we've been given, and all that we have.  As we move into Christmas, which can often be all about the things we want, it's nice to have a reminder of what really makes us happy in life.

Be Thankful!


Christine said...

I am so happy to see you have returned to your blog.

I really enjoy your blog!

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

I love your blog......I need to come back and do so many of your projects. I found you looking for the charmcicle lady. Can you forward her my info and have her contact me. I love her necklaces and want to buy some for young women's gifts. S glad I stumbled here.

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