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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Paint Colors

We are in the middle of a home renovation right now.  The nice part is that we don't live in the home yet.  So, we are working as fast as we can to get all the messy stuff done before we have to move in.  One of those things is painting almost every room in the house.
So, here are our picks for paint colors.  We'll see if they work out as well as I hope they do.
Foyer and Front Room:
Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray
We have some tan couches that sit in our front room, and in several different houses, it has been a mission for me to find a paint color that will go well with them.  Next to tan on the wall, they look dirty, next to green they look too dark.  I'm hoping they will look great next to this light gray.
It's a light and neutral grey -- not blueish, not greenish, not purplish -- very clean, a perfect contrast to bright white. A really great color.
We'll have dark wood flooring in the foyer and I am really excited about how they'll look next to the gray walls.
Kitchen and Dining Room:
Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray 
This was a really tough color for me.  Really.  I wanted a perfect French Blue color, but kept finding blues that looked too blue.  So, I went to the gray colors instead.  I am actually really nervous that this won't read blue.  In fact in the paint store, it didn't look at all like the swatch did in our house, even though I had the swatch right there.  It was funny - I asked the paint pro if they might be able to add in some blue and they told me there isn't any blue in it.  Just black, yellow, and green.  I almost lost it.  Am I crazy!?  I ALMOST didn't buy it.  But, I decided to go with my gut.  Because I love the way it looks in these rooms.
That hint of blue speaks to me.
And we'll be pairing it with cream cabinets and brown accents.  I think it will be stunning.  Here's hoping!
Guest Room/Craft Room:
Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe 
Are they all looking the same to you?  I swear my husband thinks he's been living his own "50 Shades of Gray."  For this room, I wanted a green.  But I didn't want it to smack you in the face, and I didn't want it to be so dark.  The house actually has a really pretty green bathroom, but it's just too dark for us so we'll be painting that as well.  This green seemed pale enough and soothing enough.  We'll see if it's actually green enough.
It sure is pretty in here!
First Bedroom/Nursery:
Benjamin Moore Silver Chain
I fell in love with this color after seeing it in a Potterybarn Kids room.
To be honest, I'm not completely sure it is that color, but through research I think it is.  I'm a little nervous about this one as well...
Boys Room:
Valspar Woodlawn Sterling Blue
Yep, not a Benjamin Moore Color this time.  I just fell in love with this color from their historic collection. 
I just think it's the perfect little boy blue.  But not too baby blue.
It's the cabinet color here.  I LOVE IT.  No doubts about this one.
The Master Bedroom and Other Bathrooms:
Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper
I almost went with a darker color in there, but I thought it would be too blue.  This one is just right, I think. :)
I first liked this color when I saw this image on Pinterest, but it's not actually painted in this color, I'm pretty sure.  I still like it though.  Call me a romantic, but the name is awesome!
Here it is for real.  Pretty, right?
And here.  It's a pretty, soft blue.  I think it'll be perfect.
We'll see how they all turn out!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Hands Mother's Day Card

Last year, I made a Mother's Day card for my our Nana aka Grandma using this idea from {A Day in My Life}:
We put the hands inside the card, and used stickers for the letters.  It was really cute and, she LOVED it.  So, this year, I thought we'd better do another hand-made card - pun intended.
 I love sticker letters!  Makes it so cute when the little ones put them on!  And you don't have to worry about them messing it up too bad. haha. 

I adore the upside down "r", in fact.

  I think she'll love it.
 So, we traced their hands again, and folded the fingers around flowers for Nana.
I helped him cut circles with our circle cutter, and then cut slits in the sides to make petals.  Then we glued buttons to the middle.  It was a pretty easy flower, and I think it has a super cute effect when all together. 
Happy Mother's Day!

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