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Friday, December 7, 2012

Grandparent Gifts

 My Parents rarely read this blog, but if you're looking at this, Mom and Dad, you're going to ruin your own Christmas surprise!  Look Away!
I spent a few days trying to come up with a gift my son could make for his Grandparents that they would actually like.  No offense to all the home made kids gifts out there!
I had seen {This idea on Pinterest} to turn your childs artwork into an {awesome titanium keychain} and really wish I had $80 to spend on a grandparent gift...so I kept thinking.
I saw these supplies at my craft store and it got my mind going.

Had my son draw pictures especially for each grandparent.

He loved this part.
Then I scanned them onto my computer and used Paint and Picasa (I love Picasa) to dress them up a bit: 
I did do colors at first, but found that the keychains were just too small.  They worked best in black or brown and white for me.  Colors would probably look great if you used a larger key chain.  The image for my keychains was 1" square. 

So, I printed them, and cut them out to size.  This is when I decided to just use the white background and brown drawing.
I used Diamond Glaze - which is a crystal clear embellishment glue used for scrapbooking.  It dries fast, but not too fast and can cover an image without damaging it, which was my goal.  So, I put a bit of glue on each piece of glass which came with the brown keychains. 
Then, I sandwiched the drawings between the glass: picture on one side, name on the other. Then, you just slide the glass into the frame.

You can't really see it from this angle unless you blow it up really big, but the silver one has his name underneath the drawing.

And the others have a window in the back with his name on it.

I'm pretty happy with them, but more importantly, so was my son.

He helped every step of the way and was so proud!  He could not wait to wrap them up! 

We put them in jewelry boxes and tied them up with ribbon.  Then, I wrote the description of the drawing on the card so they'd know what it was.

They'll be on their way by the end of the week!  And a bonus is, they're super small and light, so shipping will be a cinch!
Merry Christmas!!


Christine said...

I'm a grandma and I would LOVE this gift!
Have your parents read this post after they open their gifts. That smile is worth a thousand words!

Lisa Ogles said...

Such a good idea Britt, you're just too creative. Good thing I have people like you to copy :)

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