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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gingerbread Party

We all love Gingerbread!
Who wouldn't love a Gingerbread Party!!?
Super cute this time of year with all the red and white.
I love the snowflakes hanging down!
Cute little cupcakes.  What a cute way to decorate them!!  Candycanes and M&Ms.  Cute!
Super cute santa hat pops!
Love the decorated hot chocolate mugs!!  And a red plate full of white marshmallows.  So cute!
These would be fun for the kids to make at the party.  Dip marshmallows in chocolate and put sprinkles on top. mmm
Super cute cake pops - with my favorite peppermint on top!! Yum!
What an adorable way to serve fudge!!  I love this idea!
Once again, great idea to have a gingerbread party.  Make a super cute table for people to decorate their gingerbread cookies.  I love the snowflakes and all the red!!
And aren't these flocked branches so cute!!?  Love that the elf is watching the fun.
Cute idea to give everyone an apron too.  What a fun party from {Kara's Party Ideas}!
Merry Christmas!

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