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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wreath Ornaments

Using Inspiration from these lovelies:


I created my own:
So simple, but so cute!
I love the teeny tiny jingle bells.  They are adorable.

And the pine cones are cute too.

Love the woodland feel of these.

The velvet ribbon really makes them look cozy, doesn't it?! 
Anyway, I'm selling them in my {Little Craft Shoppe} just in time for Christmas!!


Rose1957 said...

Yes it does look cozy and too cute to! Good job!

pogonip said...

I stumbled upon you via Pinterest and now I'm hooked! Inspiration everywhere I look, girl. You've been on my monitor all day long and I keep sneaking glances every chance I get. Love it!

I'm workin' my way thru your 2011 Christmas inspirations. Although I should (probably, definitely) be working on a certain Christmas stocking that needs to be sent as early in December as possible!

Oh the dangers of the Net!

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