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Friday, November 9, 2012

Letter S Week

Put S up on our {ABC Wall}

Make a handprint Swan.

Make a letter S Snake like {Play and Learn with Dana}

Eat sandwiches, salad, salsa, spaghetti, soup, scones, strawberry shortcake, smarties, sloppy joes, smores, and anything else that starts with S.

Make a letter S Skunk like {Rain Makes Applesauce}

Watch and read Super Hero Squad dvd and books.

On a side note: I love this kid friendly version of the superhero cartoons.  The other ones are all PG13, did you know that?  Love that my child obsessed with super heroes can watch these and read these books and I don't have to worry about what he's seeing or hearing.

Watch Swan Princess or Sleeping Beauty.

Make a Paper Plate Snowman like {Woodlands}

Make Snowflakes

Make a foam ball Snowman like {Activity Village}

Go Swimming, or to a Splashpad, or go to Smashburger.

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