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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Hero Party

Love both of these invites.  Super cute for a Superhero Party, which I intend to have. :)  This one's from {One Charming Party}
My boy is turning 4 next month, and I'm using this party from {Kara's Party Ideas} as my inspiration.
I LOVE how simple this really is, despite how complicated it looks.  A colored tablecloth, with a superhero happy birthday banner strung across it, and a simple backdrop with a "Super Symbol" of the Birthday Boy hanging on the wall. 
But, by far, my favorite part are the buildings!  Boxes wrapped in colorful paper with windows drawn on.  Or, even easier: Spray paint a bunch of square sticker sheets black.  Then, use both the stickers and the frames of the stickers as windows on the buildings.
Seriously, I think we can make these.  So simple!
And Walmart sells word clouds like this 3 in a pack for less than $3.  Super fun.
Love the cupcakes topped with a super symbol.  I'd probably just use a paper "flag".  Same idea, though, like in these jello cups below. 
 Just like these jello cups.  What kid doesn't love jello!?  And I love how the color ties in.
Another favorite idea.  Love these simple clear storage canisters with windows taped on to look like buildings!!  Such a cute idea! 
More buildings.  Love them.  So easy but they look awesome!!   
Super cute cookies...way outside my skill level. 
 But we could definitely do these colored popcorn balls!!  Mom used to make those all the time.  You just use jello mix to get the color you want.

So, food to serve:
funfetti cupcakes
red, yellow, & blue jello cups
red and blue popcorn balls
red, yellow, blue candy
water bottles
And maybe a simple cake.
Love this one from {One Charming Party} So simple, but so perfect for this Superhero Bash.
Probably wouldn't spend the money on this phone booth, but What a cute idea is this!! 
I also love this idea from another party on {Kara's Party Ideas} - using the boxes again as buildings, and created an awesome cityscape backdrop to play in and take pictures with all the kids in their capes.
Walmart sells cape and mask sets right now for under $5.  Great take home gift for all the kids to wear during the party, I think.  They're also clearancing out a 3D Superhero Party right now, so I scored some awesome action word party supplies:
These'll be fun to hang around the party area

I thought the kids would have fun fighting each other with these blow horns...harmless way to get in on the action I think.  They also have a plates, napkins, tablecloths, cups, banners, etc. I just got a tablecloth full of those action words to use to decorate somewhere.
I also picked up some of those punching balloons which I thought would be a fun way to let the kids "fight" without fighting.
For games, I think we're going to do the superhero descriptions:
Leap over the cardboard buildings I make in a single bound.
Race to run faster than a speeding bullet.
Run and Jump onto cushions to fly.
Practice fighting each other using the blow horns.
Practice punching using punching balloons.
Smash a monster/villain pinata to defeat evil.
I found this super backdrop printable that is FREE at {Simon Made It}  You just take it to a print and copy shop to get it printed.  Love it.
 {Simon Made It} Also sells this party package with customizable printables for $15.  If you look at all the images, they have some great descriptions for a food table, etc written as examples in their little signs.  Lot's of fun ideas.
I really love this one is from {Cupcake Express} for $25 and I love the birthday banner (which they do sell separately for $7.50) and invitations it includes.

And here's just one more printable package at the irresistable price of $12.50 at {GlitterInk Designs}
Getting excited around here!!

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