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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bright 1st Birthday

My Son's 1st Birthday Party is going to be centered around a cake like this one from {Life With Luke}.
I love the primary colors.  I love how simple it is.  I love that bunting! 
More cute paper bunting.  Easy to make, looks great.
I also like the pictures with matching colorful mats.
Thought this was a fun idea.  What 1-year-old doesn't LOVE bubbles!  And conveniently, they come in primary colors. 
Super easy, super cute entry decoration! 
These things are easy to make - just punch out 2" circles and sew them all together to make a garland.  Much cuter than crepe streamers, in my opinion.
Throw in some balloons,
or some beach balls for the kid to play with and you're good to go!  1st Birthday's are so sweet and easy!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Love the circle punch "streamers." Quick question. Did you sew them together on a sewing machine? Did you use special thread? How'd you space them out? Sorry for all the questions, but I can't wait to try this! Love it! And love your blog! Thanks :)

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