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Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter Q Week

Put Q up on our {ABC Wall}

Make a Q Quail or Queen like {Totally Tots}

Eat Quesadillas, Quiche, and Queso.

Make a paper Quilt or a Quilt box like this from {Fave Crafts}

Watch Quest for Camelot

Make up your own Quest to go on.

Make a handprint Quail like {Red Ted Art}

Play Queen.

Go to Quiznos or Dairy Queen

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Faces

My newest creation.
I saw this on Pinterest and thought, what a cute idea!  And a decoration that the kids can actually touch and mess with to their hearts content - bonus!
Thought about making it, but it wasn't until I saw these:
At Target that I really put my plans into action!  They have 3 different felt face sets for $1 each and I loved them most because I didn't have to make them myself!
So, the supplies I used all of which I already had:
a black frame
black pokadot fabric
a sheet of orange felt
tiny piece of brown felt
some batting
black embroidery floss
black ribbon
spray adhiesive
and of course these pumpkin faces from Target
You are about to see one of the worst documented tutorials ever seen in the blog world.  Sorry.  I got carried away and didn't remember to take my camera with me.
Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric to fit inside the frame.  Make sure you cut it so it is much too big - this way you have a way to attach the fabric to the back of the frame insert so it won't come off if pulled on (which I guarantee will happen if you're going to let kids play on it.)
Step 2: Cut a pumpkin shape out of the piece of felt.

Step 3: Pin the pumpkin to the piece of fabric sticking batting underneath to give it a 3D look.

Step 4: Using embroidery thread, stitch around the edges of the pumpkin to attach it to the fabric.  Probably would be much easier with a sewing machine, but I like the way this looks better so I did it this way.
Step 5: Stitch lines down the pumpkin to give it those grooves all pumpkins have.
Step 6: Stitch on a little brown piece as the stem.
Step 7: Cut a piece of the background fabric about 10-12 inches long and as wide as the background fabric piece you're using.  We are using this to make a pocket to put all those face pieces in.
Step 8: Fold this new piece in half and attach it with all the raw ends together to the background piece, so the fold is laying in the middle, just below the pumpkin.  Once you stitch it on, you should have a pocket.
Step 9: Cut out felt pieces that say Happy Halloween and stitch them onto the pocket.
Step 10: because I didn't have enough extra fabric around the edges, I lined the pocket with ribbon that I could tie around the back of the frame insert so the pocket wouldn't get pulled on too hard that the whole thing came off the frame.
Step 11: Spray the frame insert and attach the fabric to the frame.  Then fold the edge pieces around to attach them to the backside.
Confused!?  Sorry.  I wish I would have taken more pictures.  I'm not cut out for this whole tutorial thing.  I just make things up as I go along.
But here is where it sits at our house.

I love the way it turned out!

And it has lots of fun face pieces that can be mixed and matched whenever we want to mess with it.

My son likes the scary ones the best.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bowl of Bones

Love this idea!  It's just pretzel sticks with marshmallows stuck on each end, dipped in white chocolate.
Super cute and something the kids would love to help make!
Visit {inspire co} for more info.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter P Week

Put P up on our {ABC Wall}

Make Popcorn Balls

Make a P Penguin from {Totally Tots}

Watch Peter Pan

Make a footprint Penguin

Make Pizzas

Eat Popcicles, Pickles, Pancakes, Paninis, Pineapple, Popcorn, Pasta, Peas, Peaches, Pie, Pudding, Pretzels, Pizza, and Potatoes, etc.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Or go to Popcorn Junction and get a popcorn ball for $1.

Bright 1st Birthday

My Son's 1st Birthday Party is going to be centered around a cake like this one from {Life With Luke}.
I love the primary colors.  I love how simple it is.  I love that bunting! 
More cute paper bunting.  Easy to make, looks great.
I also like the pictures with matching colorful mats.
Thought this was a fun idea.  What 1-year-old doesn't LOVE bubbles!  And conveniently, they come in primary colors. 
Super easy, super cute entry decoration! 
These things are easy to make - just punch out 2" circles and sew them all together to make a garland.  Much cuter than crepe streamers, in my opinion.
Throw in some balloons,
or some beach balls for the kid to play with and you're good to go!  1st Birthday's are so sweet and easy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boo Button Pumpkin

I wanna make this with a fake pumpkin to bring out every year.  Super cute.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Hero Party

Love both of these invites.  Super cute for a Superhero Party, which I intend to have. :)  This one's from {One Charming Party}
My boy is turning 4 next month, and I'm using this party from {Kara's Party Ideas} as my inspiration.
I LOVE how simple this really is, despite how complicated it looks.  A colored tablecloth, with a superhero happy birthday banner strung across it, and a simple backdrop with a "Super Symbol" of the Birthday Boy hanging on the wall. 
But, by far, my favorite part are the buildings!  Boxes wrapped in colorful paper with windows drawn on.  Or, even easier: Spray paint a bunch of square sticker sheets black.  Then, use both the stickers and the frames of the stickers as windows on the buildings.
Seriously, I think we can make these.  So simple!
And Walmart sells word clouds like this 3 in a pack for less than $3.  Super fun.
Love the cupcakes topped with a super symbol.  I'd probably just use a paper "flag".  Same idea, though, like in these jello cups below. 
 Just like these jello cups.  What kid doesn't love jello!?  And I love how the color ties in.
Another favorite idea.  Love these simple clear storage canisters with windows taped on to look like buildings!!  Such a cute idea! 
More buildings.  Love them.  So easy but they look awesome!!   
Super cute cookies...way outside my skill level. 
 But we could definitely do these colored popcorn balls!!  Mom used to make those all the time.  You just use jello mix to get the color you want.

So, food to serve:
funfetti cupcakes
red, yellow, & blue jello cups
red and blue popcorn balls
red, yellow, blue candy
water bottles
And maybe a simple cake.
Love this one from {One Charming Party} So simple, but so perfect for this Superhero Bash.
Probably wouldn't spend the money on this phone booth, but What a cute idea is this!! 
I also love this idea from another party on {Kara's Party Ideas} - using the boxes again as buildings, and created an awesome cityscape backdrop to play in and take pictures with all the kids in their capes.
Walmart sells cape and mask sets right now for under $5.  Great take home gift for all the kids to wear during the party, I think.  They're also clearancing out a 3D Superhero Party right now, so I scored some awesome action word party supplies:
These'll be fun to hang around the party area

I thought the kids would have fun fighting each other with these blow horns...harmless way to get in on the action I think.  They also have a plates, napkins, tablecloths, cups, banners, etc. I just got a tablecloth full of those action words to use to decorate somewhere.
I also picked up some of those punching balloons which I thought would be a fun way to let the kids "fight" without fighting.
For games, I think we're going to do the superhero descriptions:
Leap over the cardboard buildings I make in a single bound.
Race to run faster than a speeding bullet.
Run and Jump onto cushions to fly.
Practice fighting each other using the blow horns.
Practice punching using punching balloons.
Smash a monster/villain pinata to defeat evil.
I found this super backdrop printable that is FREE at {Simon Made It}  You just take it to a print and copy shop to get it printed.  Love it.
 {Simon Made It} Also sells this party package with customizable printables for $15.  If you look at all the images, they have some great descriptions for a food table, etc written as examples in their little signs.  Lot's of fun ideas.
I really love this one is from {Cupcake Express} for $25 and I love the birthday banner (which they do sell separately for $7.50) and invitations it includes.

And here's just one more printable package at the irresistable price of $12.50 at {GlitterInk Designs}
Getting excited around here!!
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