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Friday, September 28, 2012

Letter N Week

Planned for N Week: 
Put N up on our {ABC Wall}

Make an N Nest like {Totally Tots}

Make Nurse hats like {Free Crafty Ideas} and play Nurse.

Make a handprint Narwhal like {Red Ted Art}

Eat Noodles, Naan, Nectarines, Nuggets and Nachos.
Make a paper plate Nest like {Krafty Kid}

Watch Finding Nemo, or Hunchback of Notre Dame

Make a Noodle Necklace like {Mother Huddle}
A lot of other fun craft and activity ideas at {123 Child}.
Play Noah's Ark with finger puppets.

Go on a Nature Walk
Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt using {The Bird Feed NYC Scavenger Hunt Printable}

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