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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Letter E Week

Planned for E Week:
Put the E up on our {ABC Wall}.

Make a bunch of Animal Ears like these from {Hart + Sew}
Color E Coloring pages posted about {here}.

Watch Prince of Egypt or Emporer's New Groove or Elf.

Make {Fun E Things} like a handprint Elephant or an Elephant Mask and other fun things from {Diapers to Diplomas}

Go see the Elephants at the zoo.
 Make this E Elephant from {Totally Tots}

Eat Eggs, Easy cheese, English muffins, Enchiladas, Egg rolls, Eggos, Eggplant, and anything else I can think of that starts with E.

Visit the Egypt exhibit at a local Earth Science Center.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Letter Art

Thought this was a super cute idea.  {Somewhat Quirky} has the tutorial, but it's just one of those cardboard letters.  She used Alene's Tacky Glue to draw a design, then covered it with foil, then shoe polish.  Such a great idea!  I love the way it looks!

Recently, someone contacted me through my {Etsy Shoppe} wondering if I'd make a letter like this for them.
I said I would of course, and here it is. 
I'm absolutely loving the way it looks!! 
Kinda like sculpted metal. 
And here it is antiqued:
To antique the foil, I used a mahogany gelstain and just rubbed it on and let it dry.
I had to rub it in different directions, and sort of shove and pat it into areas I wanted to be darker.  And I had to do a few coats to get the look I wanted.
And then, I sealed it off with a varnish so it would stay put.
Don't you just love it!? 
I can't get over how cool it looks. 

Here's another finish I did recently:
For this one, once my glue design dried, I spray painted it using rustoleum metallic aged bronze color.
Once that dried, I used the same mahogany gelstain and rubbed it on, gooping it thicker in some spots.  I did a few different coats until I liked it.
And then, I sealed it with a clear coat.

And another:

I like em all, but so far the antique bronze is my fave!  So pretty!! 

Anyway, I've decided to sell them, if any one is interested, in my {Little Craft Shoppe}.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Letter D Week

Planned for D Week:
We'll put the D up on our {Alphabet Wall}.

Make Fire Breathing Dragons like this from {Babyccino Kids}

Read Library Books about D things.

Eat Donuts, Dunkaroos, Deviled eggs, Dip, Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, Dill pickles, and anything else that starts with D that we can think of.
Watch Dumbo.

Learn how to draw D from {Confessions of a Homeschooler} and {Worksheet Fun} and {Kids Learning Station}
Make a D Dinosaur like this from {Totally Tots}

Play Duck Duck Goose.

Go feed Ducks somewhere.
Have a Dinosaur Dig like this one from {The Kitchen is my Playground}.


Make {Fun D Things} like a Handprint Duck, a cotton ball Duck, and lots of other things from {Diapers to Diplomas}

Visit a Donut Shop.

Make a Dragonfly like this from {Parents}

Finish of the week by going to our local Kid's Discovery Science Center.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter C Week

Planned for C Week:
Put up the "C" on our {Alphabet Wall}.

Make {Fun C Things} like clouds, finger paint Colors,  make a fingerprint Caterpillar, make a Handprint Crab and other fun things at {Diapers to Diplomas}

or a Caterpillar like {Craftulate}

Play with Cars.
Make a Box Car and do a "drive in" to watch Cars.
Color C Coloring Pages posted about {here} with Crayons.

Make a C Crab like this from {Totally Tots}
Make {Churro Chex Mix} and Carrot Cookies.
Make Edible Cars.
Go pick corn.
Eat Carrots, Cheese, Crackers, Corn, Creamcicles, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Cobbler, Corn Bread, Corn Dogs, Cupcakes, Cereal, and Chocolate.
Go through a Carwash.

Make Cards.

Finish Off by visiting Tyler Candy Company or Chik-fil-A.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Beach

The epitomy of summer. 

The sights. 

The sounds.

The movement. 

The mix of warm and cool.

The enticing welcome. 
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