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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Letter B Week

Planned for B Week:
We'll put the B up on our {Alphabet Wall} that we're creating.

Color B coloring pages posted about {here}

Blow a bunch of Bubbles!!

Bake Banana Bread.

Make a B like this from {Totally Tots}

Go for a Bike Ride.

Make a Barn like this from {Parents}

Play Buzz Lightyear.

Eat Bears.

Go Bowling.

Eat Blueberries, Bananas, Bars, Burritos, Bread, Bacon, Bagels, Broccoli,etc.

Watch Beauty and the Beast

Read a bunch of Books that start with B from the library

Make Banana Splits

Do {Fun B Things} like make a Bumble Bee, make a stained glass Butterfly, Bubble Prints, and much more at {Diapers to Diplomas}

Or make a handprint Butterfly like {Craftulate}

Finish of the week by visitng a local Blueberry Farm or the Brookshires Museum and Park!

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