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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekly Alphabet Letters

When my son was just 18 months old, we'd try to go to storytime at the library.  Each week, the library would focus on a different letter of the alphabet, and I thought - how clever!  If I did the same letters they did, I'd teach my kids the alphabet in no time!  Well, we moved.  And the local library doesn't do the same thing, but now that my son is 3 and starting to care about these letters, it's time to start teaching them for real.  So, I've been gathering info for months, and thinking of different things we could do each week for different letters.  I fell in love with our calendar when I realized that we can go through the entire alphabet twice in a year with a few weeks to spare for any vacations or just to have the holidays off.  So, because I like to do things in an orderly mannor, we'll be starting with A for Alphabet the first week in July.  Side note: another perfect thing: how great is it that alphabet starts with "a"?!!  It will be the perfect way to introduce my grand plans to my son.
So, in my search I've come across some great ideas, and I thought I'd share them here for anyone else who may be interested in joining me on my weekly letter lesson plan.
First of all, {Serving Pink Lemonade} kind of had the same idea - she just did weekly letter parties.  So, it became something she and her daughter would plan during the week leading up to party day, which I think was Friday.  She shares some of her ideas for things that they did to celebrate different letters.
I think I'll use her idea in a way and do something fun at the end of each week to celebrate the letter we've learned about all week.
I've been searching for both coloring pages for letters and for printables, and I found this colored printable alphabet that is pretty cute and also free at {Alphabet for Kids}
{No Time for Flashcards} always has great ideas, but here are 25 of her ideas all about teaching the alphabet.  Some pretty fun and creative things to do, if you're stuck in a rut, or just want to try something new.
I stumbled upon this site: {Everything Preschool} and found a ton of great ideas for teaching each letter of the alphabet.  It inspired a lot of ideas for me.  And I'll definitely be going back as I move from week to week.
There are tons of free printable coloring pages and books for the alphabet, but I'm a little OCD, and wanted all the pages to "match" but a lot of the alphabet sets I was finding had at least one letter that I knew would be confusing for my son.  For example, many have yacht for "y" which I knew would always be boat to him.  There were other problem letters as well...  Anyway, I found this printable coloring book at {Free Teacher Worksheets} and it's the best compilation I've come across so far.  Almost everything is unmistakable, hopefully!!
I had this idea to make placemats for each letter using coloring pages that had the actual letter on them so my son could fill in the letter with finger foods that started with that letter while he ate...but I'm not sure that will work out with some of the letters.  What can you eat that starts with "u" ?  But, if I do end up doing that, I'll either use the pages in the book shown above or one of these two:
from {Mr. Printables
from {Kids Under 7}
I really liked this last one because it gives you several different pages for each letter, so if you don't like one representation of the letter, they have another one you can use instead.

 {Confessions of a Homeschooler} also has a ton of ideas for teaching each letter.  She also has alphabet review ideas and free printables. 
And lastly, from {Rockabye Butterfly} has a lot of great ideas for reviewing the alphabet.
So, I'll probably refer to this site once we have the letters a little more solidified.


Nicole Ray said...

So this year we just finished a co op preschool with my second son. There were seven of us moms and we all took turns. So each week was a different letter and we made our on alphabet book. We took the large size construction paper that can be folded in half to make two pages. One side would have the letter large size and then the other side could be whatever you wanted that went along with that letter. For example, I had A so we painted our letter A's with apples and on the other side we made ants out of stamps and fingers! Or for N we dyed noodles and then glued them to the letter N and made a nest on the other side. By the end of the year you have all the letters and you can take that and get it bound together and have your own alphabet book. I liked that cause I could take what I wanted and at the end it still has a cohesive look!

Nicole Ray said...

Sorry, another comment, but this next year we are going to make an animal out of each letter!
Check out this site

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