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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fairy Garden Party

Cute little party idea for this time of year.
I love the fairy references. 
Doesn't this chinese lantern look 10 times cuter with that little butterfly stuck on it!!? 
I like how they put some pom poms on the table - nice idea. 
Simplest little cupcakes, but they are SO adorable! 
Apples!  So cute!  Who knew!? 
The pokadot mushroom cake is killing me.  Adorable. 
Sweet and simple to-go bags.  I love the simplicity of this party.  It's so adorable!  Visit{Party Perfect} for more details.

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Victoria Mische said...

This table scape is one of the best yet. You have captured an intense and upscale feel. Clever theme for a party for girls to enjoy.

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