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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family Valentine Dinner

Ya know, I don't know how realistic it is to assume I'm always gonna get a date on Valentine's Day now that I have kids at home.  That's why I loved this idea from {The Creativity Room}!
A Family Valentine Dinner. 
Complete with "Love" centerpiece! :) 
She served mini heart shaped pizzas with heart shaped pepperonis on them. 
Did you know you could buy heart shaped pasta!!?  This is another idea that I thought would be fun.  Just add it to your favorite tomato soup recipe.
You could finish the night off with any heart shaped desserts - there are tons of ideas on my blog alone!  Or you could try this fun idea from {Pinch My Salt}.  Don't they look cute!!?  Great breakfast idea, too.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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