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Monday, January 23, 2012


I kind of collect nursery pictures.  There are so many ways to create a cute baby room!  And I love looking at all these great ideas!!
I mean, don't you love how simple this room is??  And yet, it's adorable.  Maybe baby stuff just makes it cute.  I love the french chair and the pastel colors in this space!  I love the simple bedding!  I love the cute pillows, and I LOVE the little stuffed animals.  So cute.
This is a really cute room, too.  Love the pretty pastel pinks.  I also love how they decorated those shelves above the crib.  And that chair is adorable.  Love the big bows on the crib as well.
This nursery is so masculine.  It makes me feel like the little boy who lives in this space will grow up to be a stud.  I love the moody colors!!  Seriously.  So cool.  I love the bedding, too.  Nice and neutral.  I'd look to this room for ideas of what to put on a bookcase in a child's room.  It's so cute!  Love those elephant book ends and the globe and suit cases.  What a cute nursery!
Love this neutral room, too.  I love the pokadot chair!!  I love the miniature ledges above the crib and the ceramic animals on them.  LOVE that huge giraff.  How cool is that?
I love this airplane room.  My favorite part is that aviator jacket framed on the wall.  I found a jacket like that recently at Ross and almost bought it just so I could do this!!  Super cute.  Love that airplane cart on the ground back there...I want one.  It's just so cool.  My son would be in heaven.
This room is adorable!!  I love the pretty little table.  I love the pretty crib.  I love that horse cart.  I love the colors, and the rug.  It's just a pretty baby room.


Lisa Ogles said...

I need to paint our crib white. I loved all the white furniture and soft colors in some of those pictures. Next baby I'm switching out our bright pink and green crib bedding for something more soft.

Dani said...

Where did you find the picture of the masculine nursery? I am looking for nursery furniture just along those lines. Thank you ahead of time.

Brittany said...

Dani, the "masculine nursery" was from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. It's awesome, isn't it!?

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