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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pretty Presents

I'm one of those nuts who actually loves wrapping presents, so every time I see a pretty present I pause to admire it. :)
Even just presents as simple as "brown paper packages tied up with bows" looks so adorable!!  I also love these presents wrapped with sheet music.  Lovely!
Love it when they all sorta match...am I starting to sound OCD??  It's amazing what a little bit of ribbon can do!  Wonders!!
So gorgeous!  Love the white and especially the snowflakes in this beautiful bow!!
How cute is this!?  Stamping their names on the paper instead of using stickers and such.  Looks adorable, plus it's a lot easier to read.
Or, you could do initial tags.  These are adorable as well.  Love them, and they could totally be reused.
How cute is this package!!  I love the twine!  I love the use of pine branches and pine cones!  I really love the plain wrapping paper.  Not a big fan of the printed stuff.
And more brown paper packages.  Love these!!  Ribbons really shine when the wrapping paper is plain.  Adorable.
Happy Wrapping!

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