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Friday, December 2, 2011

Deck the Halls

Here are some fun ways to deck out your entire home for Christmas.
Love this pretty garland running up the stairs!
But I think I love the wreaths hanging from these stairs even more!  It's adorable!  I also love how they added a garland to a really remote area of the home - it almost looks like a back entry - but it deserves to look like Christmas, too, right?
Look close at the pictures above the bed.  There is mistletoe hanging from them!  Pictures above a bed are a really cute idea, and the mistletoe is adorable for Christmas time.
Love the garlands on the windows in this room, and the presents on the shelf.
My favorite evergreen is definitely a boxwood.  I LOVE them!  The leaves are just so much prettier than needles, in my opinion.  And this wreath hanging by the kitchen sink is perfect.  I want a wreath hanging in front of my sink!  The ornaments are adorable as well.  What a great idea!

Merry Christmas!

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