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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sitting Rooms

Here's a collection of sitting rooms I've gathered over the years.  I use them to give me decorating inspiration from time to time.
I love the window treatments in this room.  I love Roman shades so much better than miniblinds.  And I love this relaxed style of Roman shade.  Also loving that huge vase full of lilys.
This room just seems amazingly calming to me.  It must be all the white.  I love how simple everything is.
Love this room!  Those twin chases are adorable!  What a great place to cuddle up and read a book!  I imagine that they face a wall full of windows with a beautiful view.  I also love that art on the wall!  It almost looks like fabric with embellishments on it.  Loving the ruffle pillows as well.
The French pieces in this room are really sweet to me.  I love how cushy those couches seem!  Also loving the many flower arrangements.  I really like how this room feels really comfortable and cozy, but has that touch of sparkle and glamour to dress things up a bit.
Obviously, I love the chandelier!  And that mirror is stunning, right?
Another super cozy sitting room.  I love the touches of antiques in here.  And I also love the window treatments.  The flower arrangements on the coffee table are pretty, too.
Very symmetrical - but I love how that birdcage is off center.  It gives the room some interest.  Loving the calming colors in this space as well.
I especially love what they've filled the fireplace with.  What a great idea when it's not in use!  Other than that, everything in this room just seems really comfortable - the pillows, the throws...love it.
I kinda just love this room because it's so girly!  What a pretty parlor!  I'm especially loving that tufted ottoman and the tray sitting on it is adorable!  Love those flowers!
Pretty little sunroom, eh?  I love how it's so tropical feeling.  Love the furniture, and the shutter window coverings.  All the plants are a great touch too.
Love the mirror in this one!!!  Seriously, love it~  Those candlesticks are gorgeous as well.  Also, the cream color scheme is great in this room as well.  I love the use of different patterns in the accessories.  They all tie together really well without being matchy.
I mostly love this room because of the way they decorated those shelves.  Turning those books around so the pages are all you see makes things a lot more uniform, I think.  I love the way they look!  I also love the accessories they threw into those shelves.
Another view of the same room...  Loving the cream colors.  Looks so inviting!
I really love the pale blues and greens in this room.  Very calming.  I also think that pillow ladder in the back corner is adorable!  Lovc the coffee table.   It's very unique.  And I love what they've put on it.  The lantern, the flower arrangement...
This is probably a nursery, but I think it would work anywhere.  And I also think it's a great idea to have baskets like that in rooms throughout the house to put toys in, because they inevitably end up throughout the house.  LOVE what they've done with the window treatments in here!  I think the knots are adorable!  What a great bay window!  Perfect little sitting area.
This room just reminds me of a beach house.  Loving the whitewashed paneled walls.  I also really like the flower arrangements in here.  And the furniture is just really great.
This Room Is Beautiful!!  I love it!  I love that it opens up to a patio - with not one, but two sets of french doors!  I love that the flooring is tile.  I love the beamed ceiling.  I love all the natural light in here!  And I love the furniture.  Those window treatments are great - casual and nice at the same time.  It just seems so inviting.
I am in love with the window treatments in this room as well!!  There are so many things you can do besides put blinds in windows!!  Sheers and curtains are my favorite.  Cute lamp, too.  It's filled with seashells.  Love the dark wood flooring.

And there you have it: My current sitting room inspiration.

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Unknown said...

I love all your collections of photos that you use for inspiration. I've tried to do it but I always lose the pictures or store them in so many different places. How do you keep them organized?

I love the sun room with the tropical feel!

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