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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Outside

Here are some great little ideas for that front porch of yours.
I have long time been a fan of this Martha Steward Fall front porch!  I love the monochromatic color scheme!  GOLD.  Love how some of the pumpkins have a metallic sheen to them.  And the pots of mums just make it for me!  Oh, it's so pretty! 
I love the idea of mixing flowers with pumpkins!  It really dresses those pumpkins up a little!  This would be so cute on a front porch.
Always a fan of the lantern idea from Potterybarn.  Love the tiny pumpkins surrounding those candles!!  And the larger pumpkins and leaves filling the other lantern is really cute, too. 
As much as I love the vibrancy of the front porch shown above, this one with the muted oranges and browns is really speaking to me this year.  I LOVE that huge leaf wreath.  How easy must that be to make!!?  Also loving all the rattan and grapevine pumpkins, in place of real pumpkins.  LOVE the huge lanterns and the leaves spread over the ground.  And I'm also really loving the hay bails.  I don't usually, but in this case they look awesome!  The table full of candy apples is a nice touch, too. :) 
I really like the idea of putting pumpkins in urns like this.  The urns could stay on your porch all year round, and then you'd just have to change the filling to fit the season.  Love this idea.
Another bunch of pretty lanterns...I really like the idea of filling them like vases, and with pumpkins it's adorable!
And lastly, a metallic scheme for you.  Love the sheen of those pumpkins!!  And that arrangement next to the door is adorable!  Also loving the pretty little pumpkins perched above the door - that's a cute idea if you have a transom like that.  And I REALLY love the arrangement on the door.  No wreath here.  It's a fun new shape and I think it looks great!  Kind of like a metallic cornucopia.  Love the "boo" next to it, as well. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

Just another collection of beautiful kitchens.
Love that this one has two dishwashers!!  Perfect for a busy kitchen!  It's so light, bright, and airy.
This is definitely one of my most favorite kitchens of all time.  Love the copper countertops, and the wood island.  I also love those copper pots!!  And the pizza oven is awesome.  It's the perfect mix between old world/tuscan style and modern style.
I really like the green in this kitchen.  So fresh!
This one just looks homey.  I'm a big fan of islands in a different color, it adds a lot of character.  I also love the huge window in this kitchen.
This one just seems so family-oriented!  I love the huge island!!  This kitchen is just huge, and I always love a kitchen that opens up in some way to the family room.  Love the dark countertops with the white cabinets, too!
This one just seems like the perfect summer kitchen to me!  I love the huge farmhouse sink, and the pretty white cabinets and countertops just feel so cool.  But, I love how the dark wood floors ground everything.
LOVE this kitchen!!  I love that hunge island/bar.  I think it's very clever of them to use the end of the island as a bookshelf - perfect spot for all those cookbooks.  I also love the creamy color of the cabinets in this kitchen.
Another light and bright kitchen that is grounded with the dark wood flooring and dark countertops.  I love the contrast!!  Love the size of this kitchen, too!  It's huge!!
Here's a great idea - 2 sinks.  Why not!?
Thought this was a cute idea.  I like how the island is exactly opposite the rest of the kitchen.  Dark cabinets and light countertop, vs dark countertops and light cabinets everywhere else.
I love all the pretty open cabinets in this kitchen!  It only seems like it would work if you had a ton of them so you have the space to set everything up so it looks pretty. :)  Love the three cakestands sitting on the counter as well - they're a really cute and functional decoration!
I love the color of the cabinets in this kitchen!  It's a great size, with a lot of great features.  I love the pretty window cabinets next to the fridge!! 
I love the idea of using an apothecary jar to hold garlic cloves.  Cute and functional - the pefect kitchen decoration!  I also love the idea of putting vases full of flowers next to the kitchen sink.  I gotta start doing that - it makes the sink feel so much more inviting. 
This is another one of my very favorite kitchens.  I love the tuscan feel of this one with the tile backsplash and deep wood tones.  It just seems very rich and warm.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Simple Subtle Fall

I just love the way this gal decorates!!   
I mean, it's just so simple!  All she did was add a few acorns and a sunflower to this tray, and BAM!  It looks like fall! 
So pretty.  Visit {Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures} for tons of decorating inspiration!

Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Wood Cuttingboards

Since seeing a few choice pictures from Potterybarn like the one above, I've been on the hunt for some vintage wood cutting boards.  Do you see those super cute round ones on top of this hutch?  I think they are the perfect accessory for a tuscan inspired kitchen, regardless of shape or size! 
Enter: this awesome idea from Centsational Girl.
She made her own. 
Went to a reclaimed wood shop, got some old wood. 
made a "cutting board" shape and traced it. 
Cut it and sanded it down.
Then, oiled it up with mineral oil.
I think I might have made them a bit thinner, and rounded the edges a little....and I might have done a round shape.  But, I guess I can, now that she put this awesome idea out there!!  Thanks,{Centsational Girl}!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Velvet Pumpkins

I saw these on {The Lettered Cottage} and about died.  Can you tell what they are?  Take a closer look.
These little sweeties are made out of plush velvet!  Aren't they adorable!!!?
I just LOVE the way they look.  So warm and comforting - perfect for autumn!
So, you can buy them at {LoveFeast Life Shop} but I also think they might be kinda easy to try to make using a circle of velvet, stuffing it with stuffing, then gathering and gluing the ends around a real pumpkin stump.
Because, seriously, the stump sort of makes the whole pumpkin.  It's adorable!!
Love them!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monogram Sign

Isn't this gorgeous!??  Talk about a great wedding gift!  Wanna know how to make it?? 
Here are the supplies you need. 
a canvas, a chipboard letter set, the initials, an ampersand, and hot glue. 
Draw faint lines on the canvas where you want the letters to sit, just to make sure you make things straight. 
Hotglue everything onto the canvas. 
 So it looks like this:
Then, you just gotta spray paint it.  Any color would work, really.  But, I love the simplicity of this  antique white!! 
Forget using it as a wedding gift, I wanna make one for myself!!  Visit {Shanty2Chic} for all the details, cause it was her awesome idea!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sip & See Baby Shower

I'm kind of in love with this shower idea.  What a perfect way to introduce a little one after birth!! 
Such a cute little introduction!! 
Gorgeous little cake!!  Love those flowers!! 
Don't you??  Are these an easy little thing you can buy and add to a cake, or do you have to know how to make them I wonder?? 
They're just adorable!  
Flowers make anything a party! 
Of course, this is what they'd be sipping with.... 
I love that this is called the welcome wagon!!
What an adorable place to put the gifts!!!
Such a cute idea from {Kara's Party Ideas}
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