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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Enchanting Etryways

How lovely is this!!?  I am in love with all the windows!!  They let in so much light!!  I also love the sitting area.  I think all entry's should have a place to sit.  I love how elegant everything is, too.  The pretty fabrics, and the fancy furniture, not to mention the gold accessories and the flowers.  Lovely.
Here is one a little more rustic.  What a view!!  I'd keep that door open all the time.  It almost looks like this house is located in the Italian countryside.  Love the terracotta tile floors, and the massive double front doors.  Also loving the exposed beams.  The table is nice and sweet, but I think they could use a chair or two in here.
Here is a mix between glamour and rustic.  I love the door.  So pretty.  I also love the cozy feel the old furniture and accessories bring in.  This just looks like a house that's been around for a while.  Loving the crown molding - what a great way to dress up the entry!

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