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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet & Sophisticated Rooms

Just a collection of girls rooms I've picked up along the way...
I love how grown up this room feels.  The grey really brings the pink down a notch or two, which I love because I think pink is really overwhelming.  This room would be perfect for a girl at ANY age. 
I just think this room is adorable!!  I love the soft colors, and the oh so light pink used.  So chic!! 
This room just has a lived in feel.  I love that it's not "perfect" or matchy.  But everything still looks great!   
Another barely pink one.  I really like the color of the wood furniture in this room!!  Maybe I'm loving grey right now...  I think it goes so well with pink!!  Love the wingback bed.  This is another room that would be great for a girl of any age.
I really love the grey ceiling in here!  It really offsets the crown molding, which is beautiful!  That porthole mirror above the bed is awesome!  And I love the barely pink bedding.  It's another room that could grow with someone. 
I love the idea of framing a baby dress...perhaps a blessing dress, in a little girl's room.  It looks so cute!  Again, I love the grey in here.  Here is the "little girl" version of this room, but it's another one that with a few changes, could grow with a child for a really long time.
And lastly, a lovely lavender room!  The grey mixed with the purple is so pretty, isn't it!!?  It almost makes the grey seem like a shade of purple.  I love this room.  I love all the neutral elements.  This room could have any color of bedding and would still look great!

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devin24 said...

I sent you a pinterest invite cause your profile and links would be amazing. I hope you decide to do it and let me know if you do!

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