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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Milk & Cookies Baby Shower

I am so in love with this party!  I've seen this idea before, but I just loved the way this one looked!! 
Cute idea to have ultrasound pics from the momma there... 
LOVE the old fashioned milk jars, and how all the cookies are in glass jars and vases. 
And even though the jars aren't all the same, they match cause they're all glass, and because they all have the same tissue paper at the bottom, and the same little label.  So cute! 
Who doesn't love cookies!  Seriously, this just seems so easy to pull off, but ends up looking adorable! 
Love how the milk jars are set in an ice filled vase.  Also love the party poofs hanging from the ceiling - these dress up ANY party! 
Cute little straws...All just brown and blue for colors.  Easy, peasy! 
I love that these are real plates and cups, too!  That really dresses it up, don't you think? 
Cute way of showcasing the mommas. 
Isn't it just adorable!? 
And the best part - these take home bags.  They're just paper lunch bags with a tag on them that says:
Thank you for coming
Please fill your bag with cookies
A-Dorable!  Visit {Our Daily Obsessions} for all the details.


syeds said...

Yes, you arranged mommas beautifully.

+++++++++++++Baby Shower Invitations++++++++++++

Amy said...

Thank you so much for the feature! So glad you liked it!


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