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Friday, July 29, 2011

Bright Party Ideas

Lately, I've been putting together some ideas for a party full of bright colors.
Here are some of the things I've found.
This is probably my favorite inspiration!  Love the bright tangerine table runner!!  I also LOVE the bright flower arrangement and the colorful serving dish.  Love the colorful cups, too.
A great and easy way to make a party bright is to add bright flowers.
Loving the bright green table runner in this shot and the bunches of different bright flowers.
Just loving the use of the bright green and pink.
Thought this was a cute and easy idea for a drink.  Just different bright colors.
However, this drink is probably my favorite party drink.  It's just raspberry sherbet in your choice of soda.  You could throw in a few raspberries to make it super yummy.
Fruit is a great bright party food - look at those colors!  I love the pieces of cheese mixed in to these kababs.
Of course, you could also serve sherbet as a food, too.
Another great way to make the food seem bright, is to set it out on bright pieces of tissue paper.
And one last bit of inspiration...  Love the party poofs, as usual.

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