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Friday, July 29, 2011

Bright Party Ideas

Lately, I've been putting together some ideas for a party full of bright colors.
Here are some of the things I've found.
This is probably my favorite inspiration!  Love the bright tangerine table runner!!  I also LOVE the bright flower arrangement and the colorful serving dish.  Love the colorful cups, too.
A great and easy way to make a party bright is to add bright flowers.
Loving the bright green table runner in this shot and the bunches of different bright flowers.
Just loving the use of the bright green and pink.
Thought this was a cute and easy idea for a drink.  Just different bright colors.
However, this drink is probably my favorite party drink.  It's just raspberry sherbet in your choice of soda.  You could throw in a few raspberries to make it super yummy.
Fruit is a great bright party food - look at those colors!  I love the pieces of cheese mixed in to these kababs.
Of course, you could also serve sherbet as a food, too.
Another great way to make the food seem bright, is to set it out on bright pieces of tissue paper.
And one last bit of inspiration...  Love the party poofs, as usual.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rose Cake

Isn't this cake pretty!!?
I love the rose frosting job.  Very pretty.
{I Am Baker} teaches us how to frost with roses.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Outdoor Dining

Isn't this pretty!?  I love that long, weathered wood plank in place of a table runner!  It just adds something extra.  Something old, and natural.  I really love the way it looks.
Love the giant old lantern in this one and that weathered wooden bowl.  Lovely. 
Such sweet little milk jars used as hurricanes for candles - Again I love the old mixed with the new here. 
So elegant. 
I love the idea that an old suitcase can be used as a picnic basket.  I wanna come! 
However, I am a big fan of actual picnic baskets as well.  There is something so charming about them.
Such a pretty juxtaposition between the polished silver on the tray and the rusted metal of the table and chairs.  It's just charming. 
I really love the use of burlap as a tablecloth in this setting.  And the mason jars used for flower vases is pretty cute, too. 
What a lovely picnic!  Oh, summer!  You are so fun.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Movie Night

This just looks like the perfect summer night activity!  Wish I had a backyard like that!!  I love the hanging basket lights and those awesome lounges.  Of course, the giant movie screen is pretty awesome too - easy to make using wood for a frame and a white sheet, stretched across it.  Looks like tons of fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Milk & Cookies Baby Shower

I am so in love with this party!  I've seen this idea before, but I just loved the way this one looked!! 
Cute idea to have ultrasound pics from the momma there... 
LOVE the old fashioned milk jars, and how all the cookies are in glass jars and vases. 
And even though the jars aren't all the same, they match cause they're all glass, and because they all have the same tissue paper at the bottom, and the same little label.  So cute! 
Who doesn't love cookies!  Seriously, this just seems so easy to pull off, but ends up looking adorable! 
Love how the milk jars are set in an ice filled vase.  Also love the party poofs hanging from the ceiling - these dress up ANY party! 
Cute little straws...All just brown and blue for colors.  Easy, peasy! 
I love that these are real plates and cups, too!  That really dresses it up, don't you think? 
Cute way of showcasing the mommas. 
Isn't it just adorable!? 
And the best part - these take home bags.  They're just paper lunch bags with a tag on them that says:
Thank you for coming
Please fill your bag with cookies
A-Dorable!  Visit {Our Daily Obsessions} for all the details.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Boredom Busters

Summer's almost over, but I saw these great ideas, and wanted to document them.
The gal at {Brassy Apple} shares how she made this cute jar, and more importantly all the ideas she put in it.  It's stock full of ideas for bored little kiddos. 
I love this idea of a weekly schedule from {Somewhat Simple}!!  I think it would make summer a lot more fun and organized and ensure you actually did all those things you wanted to!!  She has TONS of ideas and places to look for more ideas on her post.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet & Sophisticated Rooms

Just a collection of girls rooms I've picked up along the way...
I love how grown up this room feels.  The grey really brings the pink down a notch or two, which I love because I think pink is really overwhelming.  This room would be perfect for a girl at ANY age. 
I just think this room is adorable!!  I love the soft colors, and the oh so light pink used.  So chic!! 
This room just has a lived in feel.  I love that it's not "perfect" or matchy.  But everything still looks great!   
Another barely pink one.  I really like the color of the wood furniture in this room!!  Maybe I'm loving grey right now...  I think it goes so well with pink!!  Love the wingback bed.  This is another room that would be great for a girl of any age.
I really love the grey ceiling in here!  It really offsets the crown molding, which is beautiful!  That porthole mirror above the bed is awesome!  And I love the barely pink bedding.  It's another room that could grow with someone. 
I love the idea of framing a baby dress...perhaps a blessing dress, in a little girl's room.  It looks so cute!  Again, I love the grey in here.  Here is the "little girl" version of this room, but it's another one that with a few changes, could grow with a child for a really long time.
And lastly, a lovely lavender room!  The grey mixed with the purple is so pretty, isn't it!!?  It almost makes the grey seem like a shade of purple.  I love this room.  I love all the neutral elements.  This room could have any color of bedding and would still look great!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Jones's Backyard

Never has the phrase "keeping up with the Jones's" meant so much!
Check out this awesome backyard they've created!

A gorgeous sitting area with a cute pergola above. 
And so many pretty plants surrounding it!!
A little stone walkway leading off to the right. 
To a cute little table! 
Framed by a cute little bunting and surrounded by paving blocks. 
And to the left of the seating area,... 
A playground for the kiddos. 
What a beautiful backyard!!  I'll be taking notes to use on my own yard someday.
Visit {Jones Design Company} for all the details.
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