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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Robin Hood Party

This is one of the coolest party ideas I've seen in a long time!!
And fairly easy to pull off, all things considered.  Love the gummy worms and lollypops.  There are tons of green and brown candy to choose from out there!  And leaves and twigs and wood are pretty easy to find if you ask me. 
I love the use of baskets - and how the little logs hold the names of the foods behind them. 
Obviously professional, but HOW AWESOME is this CAKE!!?  
And awesome target cookies too!  Love the arrow sticking out of them!!! 
I like this cute idea for dressing up kisses, too.  A little target on the back.  Cute. 
Carmel corn in paper cones..  Easy!  And looks so awesome! 
And so do these cups!!  Love the leaves on the straws, and the burlap.  I probably would have done a burlap tablecloth. :) 
So awesome - wanted - that could be how your invitations are worded... 
And aren't these the most perfect little party bags!!!?
I just can't get enough of this party.  Think of all the fun things you could do!  Target practice, Running from "Prince John", Sword Fighting, you could even play badmitton!  haha.  Super fun idea from {Kara's Party Ideas}

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