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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fabric Wrist Corsage

Isn't this beautiful!?  I thought it would make a very pretty Mother's Day gift. 
Easy enough to make using the supplies shown above - fabrics in colors of your choice, felt circles, a few beads and some ribbon, plus hot glue. 
So you start by making the rosette, twisting strips of fabric around and around and glueing them to the felt circles. 
Until it looks like the one above. 
Repeat until you have three rosettes that can go together. 
I like how she put beads on the ends of the ribbon just to dress up the rosette a little more. 
Then, glue the ends of the ribbon to the rosettes, and notice how there's another piece of felt up there...that's to cover all the yucky-ness you see in this picture.  Just glue it on top of all those loose ends. 
Pretty self explanitory, the ribbons just tie the corsage around your wrist.  And voila!  A very pretty corsage that can be worn over and over again.
Happy Mother's Day!
Visit {Girls With Good Taste} for all the details.


Linh said...

Love this DIY! I may want to make a headband for this. Yay! Thanks for sharing :)

Modest Fashion Sense said...

SO cute!! As always, I cannot wait to try this DIY. I never thought of putting the felt backing to cover the rough ends. SO clever

Valerie said...

Super, super cute! Thanks for the find!!

daniele said...

hi , this is perfect have a wedding outfit that was missing something at the front and a row of these pinned will just be perfect and i have fabric left thankyou for sharing

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