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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hydrangea Cake

I just love hydrangeas!  They might be my favorite flower.  I love them all year long. 
And that's probably why I about died when I saw this amazing cake. 
How I would love to plan a party around this beauty!! 
It's rare that things look as good as you know they taste.  But this does.
For info on how to make this cake, visit {I Am Baker} and she explains how to frost it {here}.
Wouldn't this make a great Mother's Day cake!??


AmyLyn said...

Wait a second...how are you sending this when you're on the road?? Did you Auto-date it or something??? :-) LOVE this cake!

The McClellan Family said...

Just found your blog. I {LOVE} it! Forwarded it all my friends!! so FUN!!

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