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Friday, April 15, 2011

Creative Kitchen Cabinets

Look at the transformation here.  It never ceases to amaze me how people transform their builder's grade cabinets into things of beauty!! 
Miss Creative Crate just added beadboard to the center of her cabinets, 
Then painted them. 
She also stuck some crown molding on the tops, to dress them up.  And notice how she painted that wood edge black!!?  I LOVE the way that looks!!  So much better than the wood.  What a great idea! 
And, of course, they went for new hardware. 
I just think it looks so great!!! 
Almost like it's a whole different space. 
What a beautiful kitchen!!
Check out {The Creative Crate} for all the details.


Modest Fashion Sense said...

That makes me want to own my house, just so I could remake my kitchen :) That looks so awesome!

Janae said...

It looks great I painted mine white also but now I want to add bead board. I love it!!

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