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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chicken Wire Vase Frames

This may sound like a really weird title, but what you're about to see is oh so cute!!
It's gotta be one of the cutest Spring decorations I've ever seen!
Starting out with the supplies above,
First, she painted and distressed the frames.
Then, using twine, she hung vases from the tops of the frames.
I mean, it's adorable!
Even without the chicken wire.
But, to make it even cuter, she hung the frames from a larger frame/old door with chicken wire in the middle of it.
Giving her a row of framed vases, backed by chicken wire.
I just love everything about the way this looks!!!  Visit {Flamingo Toes} for all the details on this awesome project.

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Linh said...

This is SO absolutely cute!!! It looks wonderful and a little vintagey. Can't wait to try it :) Not sure how I stumbled on your blog but so glad I did! I also noticed your last posting about PB. Would LOVE for you to stop by my blog...I have a great giveaway I think you may like.

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