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Friday, March 11, 2011

Gorgeous Dining Rooms

Here is a collection of simply stunning Dining Rooms.
Ahhh.  The chandelier, the deep wall color, the antique mantle, but most of all the gorgeous drapes!  Aren't those stunning!!?  I love the peek you get of the wrought iron on the balcony outside, too.
I love how elegant it is.  The beautiful chandelier again, and those pink flowers really add something special!  Here is proof that you don't have to have all matching chairs in a Dining Room.  It works.
I am a really big fan of dark hardwood flooring.  I love how it seems to dress up a space!  Love the crystal chandelier again, and the huge pot of hydrangeas on the table is gorgeous!  The chair skirts are so pretty as well.  And I really love those corner built in cabinets.  What a great use of space!!  
This room is very elegant, while still maintaining a level of comfort.  I love the drapes, and the warm wall color.  The chairs look very dressed up with their little skirts, and I love the accessories adorning the table.  
I love the neutral color palette in this room!  And the lovely juxtaposition between the crystals in the chandelier and the antique wood bowl on the table.  Lovely.  That mirror is stunning, as well as the molding that has been added to the walls.  
I love square tables, but it seems like you can only ever find them at counterheight.  I love this one!  That centerpiece is gorgeous as well!  It just feels alive!  And the pretty fig mixed with the green on the table really is lovely, isn't it!? 
Great way to dress up a space: throw some antique mirrors up on the walls.  Aren't those gorgeous!!?  I really love the huge accessories on this table as well. 
Another gorgeous room.  Love all the white.  It makes it feel so light and refined.  I love the chandelier, again, and the pink flowers really make the room pop don't they!!?

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