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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I wonder if I'll ever figure out why I love windowseats so much.
They just look so inviting! 
Not to mention, they're a pretty creative use of space - resulting in more seating. 
I think they make the most sense in rooms that don't typically have couches, like bedrooms, playrooms, and offices. 
But, I like them in every room I find them in! 
They can act as a pretty and functional piece of storage. 
I mean, how practical is that in an office space!? 
They're just so cozy. 
They make a perfect little reading nook. 
Seriously, they're perfect in any room! 
Seriously, how beautiful is this!
And they look great in kitchens too....
Love em.


The Keylors said...

I totally do too! I am dying to create one in a future home...even specifically eying potential window seat spots in home we look in. There's just something about
them. : )

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