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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Night In

Here is a great last minute - or planned ;) - Valentine's Day idea from {Eat Drink Chic}
Either way, I love it!  How cute is this! 
Here is all you need in - the cutest little package - for a great night in. 
And this is something that would be so easy to just throw together.
The heart which you can {download here} says:

you, me, couch, kisses, take out,
blanket, snuggles, champagne,
movie, sugar, popcorn, love.

So sweet, huh!? 
Along with that, you include two sets of utensils which you can label using the above download,
two movie tickets {downloadable here},
a bag of candy that you label "sugar" also found in the download. 
And of course, a love note which she rolled up and stuck in a little tube labeled "open me on february 14th".  Super cute!   Put it all in a popcorn bucket or cute bag along with a bunch of confetti and sparkles, and you have it!  You could also throw in a bag of popcorn, and it would also be fun to put it all in a basket along with some champagne or sparkling cider with some glasses to drink it in...flowers...
Possibilities are endless.  I just love the whole idea of dressing up a night in.  It really makes it feel a lot more special!
Happy Valentines Day!

1 comment:

Blayne Beacham said...

Oh my goodness this is a cute idea!! happy Valentines Day!!

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