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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Miss Momma's Necklace

Aren't you just in love with this!!?  I am. 
Little Miss Momma made it using the above supplies. 
step1: cut out 5 felt circles 
step2: cut out 8 fabric circles for each felt circle. 
 step3: pinch the center of the fabric circles.
 step4: hot glue them to the felt circles.
step5: aren't they pretty!? 
step6: glue 3 flowers to a big piece of felt in a "u" formation. 
step7: get a chain and make it the right length for this necklace. 
step8: glue the chain to the 2 flowers left.
step9: add those flowers to the top of the "u" formation. 
step10: cut away the felt, so the edges are hidden beneath the flowers. 
step11: admire.
I just made one for myself using an old tshirt, an old chain, and some felt.  It took about an hour and I love it.  This idea is so darling!!  I can't wait to make more. :)
Visit {Little Miss Momma} for all the details.
ps- I'm totally in love with her shirt, too. :) 

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