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Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter White

White is such a popular decorating color in the summer, but it can also look great and still feel warm and cozy in the winter.
The key is to make sure it's paired with deep colors or cozy creams.
I think dusty purple is a great wintery color and brings a little bit of warmth into this white palette.
Warm greys are also a great substitute and they work well all year long.
Soft golds are a great combo with white as well.
I love this chair.  Another way to make white appear warm is to pair it with warm fabrics like this velvet couch.  Don't you love that mirrored dresser!!?
Another example of pairing white with creams and dark colors.
And more pillows arealways a good thing in the winter.


Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

You're right, it can look very cozy. We have all ivory bedding and it looks very cozy with our dark wood sleigh bed. I switch out the pillow shams in the winter/fall to give it a more cold weather look.

Joella said...

Just saying hello, I'm a brand new follower! :)


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