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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Don't you just love this Silver Christmas display from {320 Sycamore}?! 
With silver pails, and silver bells... 
Silver ornaments and candlesticks.... 
A silver wreath she {made}!
I just really love the way it all looks together.  The silver against the dark wood, especially.
And she did such a good job setting it all up!  That "noel" sign is my favorite part. :)
Love it all!!

Merry Christmas!


Karen said...

So pretty and not a difficult look to achieve. If you keep your eyes out at vintage stores throughout the year you can pick up a lot of pieces that just need a good cleaning up to make them sparkle.

M.O.T.B said...

It is gorgeous! by the way I love your new profile photo!

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