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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pretty Presents

 Someday I would like a pretty little place to wrap some pretty little presents.
This craft room would do.  Who am I kidding.  This is my dream room!  And I love that there's a Christmas wreath in there!  Love it! 
Here's another craft space...with another Christmas wreath and Christmas tree...someday I also want every room in my house to be festive. 
Ahh.  Here's another one!  Suge a pretty creative space.  I would have no problem getting inspired in this space!!  Someday... 
And then I can wrap pretty presents like these!!!
Isn't that silver wrapping paper gorgeous!!  I love these presents to death!
Loving these pretty presents, too.  And how the bows are adorned with berries.  Very festive!
These natural packages are also gorgeous!  I love that neutral color palette for gift packages!!
And last but not least, I seriously LOVE the way this present looks all wrapped up and pretty!  The sheet music makes such a pretty wrapping paper, don't you think?!  They should make music wrapping paper!!  And the jingle bells add something super special!
What a fun way to wrap a present!

Merry Christmas!

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