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Friday, December 10, 2010

DIY Block Ornaments

Love this tutorial for personalized block ornaments.
Supplies needed:
unfinished wood blocks - one per family member
mod podge
paper and pictures
cup hooks
Just mod podge paper to the blocks - a picture on two opposite sides, their initial on a third, their name on a fourth, and scrap book paper on top and bottom.  Then mod podge on top of everything to seal it all.
Once they're dry, screw the cup hooks into the tops.
And tie ribbon onto the hooks as a hanger for the ornament. 
All done! 
I bet kids just love seing their pictures on the Christmas tree!!  And these are WAY cuter than the special ones they make at school. :)  But, these are simple enough to make that they could still help you make them.
I also think this would make a great Grandparent Gift idea!
Visit {Sisters Stuff} for all the details.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Just one question - where do you find the little wooden blocks?

Brittany said...

You can find unfinished wood blocks and any craft store.

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