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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cozy Winter Wreath

I love the look of this wreath.  It just looks so warm and cozy.  Perfect decoration for the whole winter season.  I'm always looking for decorations that can last after Christmas, because I always feel a big let down when I take all those pretty lights and decorations down.  This is a great one.
Here's how to make it.  Get a wooden wreath frame and a couple of different colors of felt.  Then, you cut hundreds - yes hundreds - of 2" squares...and they don't have to be perfect.  You want to cut enough so that when you string them together using dental floss, they form a circle big enough to cover the wooden frame.
They make a pretty garland, but for the wreath, you want to mount them to the frame.  No glue necessary.
Just string them to the wreath in a few places. 
Add a bell and you're done.
It's just so cute!!
Visit {The Inspired Room} for more info.

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