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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Tables

I just really love the way all these pretty tables from Potterybarn look.
This silver and white display is so pretty!  With the silver pinecones (easy to make with a can of spray paint) and white flowers, and icicle ornaments hanging from bare branches.  So wintery!
I also really love the simplicity of this one.  It's still very homey.  Just a few candles with a green garland surrounding them.  I also love that green garland over the hutch/shelf.  And the pretty whithe wreath!  And the silver bells and leaves tied to the chairs with silver ribbon....oh!
I love how simple this one is.  The decorations haven't dramatically changed here...just the addition of a few "Ho Ho"s to the shelf on the wall.  Those are cute.
I love things on the backs of chairs...these red ribbons with pine cones and pine bows are no exception.
Here's a lovely from Martha Stewart.  I really like the candles on every plate.  And that centerpiece is gorgeous!  Loving white flowers this Christmas!!
Speaking of white flowers...  This garland is so pretty!  And I'm a sucker for pears on place settings!
Happy Decorating to you!

and Merry Christmas!

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