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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Petal Shirt

I posted about this shirt {here} quite a while ago.
  Using {this Pleated Poppy tutorial} I made this shirt:
I bought {two shirts at Old Navy for $5 each}.  Cut up one for the circles, and used the other as the shirt.
Mine turned out different from the pleated poppy shirt, shown above.  But, I still like it.
I think I cut my circles quite a bit smaller than Miss Pleated Poppy did...  Mine were between 1 and 2 inches in diameter.
In her tutorial she says that the shirt ended up looking a little too ruffly for her, so she used a sewing machine and stitched over the top of all the "petals" to sort of flatten them.  I decided I liked the fluffies.  So, I didn't sew over them.  I did stitch the edges of the circles to the shirt so they lay underneath other circles.  This ensured that they layed how I wanted them to lay on the shirt instead of being dragged down by gravity.  And maybe that's a big part of why my shirt looks different than hers.
No matter - I love the way it turned out!!  Might have to buy more double shirts and get even more creative!


the pleated poppy said...

i love the way yours turned out and totally want to make a new one now!

Amy Jo said...

This looks great! I'm checking out all your shirt refashions today! :)

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