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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glamorous White Kitchens

Love these beautiful white kitchens!
Pretty blue walls, pretty white marble, REALLY pretty wood island, love it.
Love the hood, and the hugeness of the island in this one.  Also, loving that bookshelf on the end and all the copper.
Another pretty white kitchen with a great wood island.  Really love that combo.  I also REALLY like how the hood has a shelf on it.  Sort of like a mantle.  Great for decorating!
Pretty chandeliers.  Again, another dark wood island.  Very pretty.
Love how there is a wall of windows in front of the sink.
This one is so gorgeous!  I really like the all around dark countertops and deep wood floors mixed with the white countertops.  It sings!!  Love the huge island, too.  So pretty.
Pretty little sinks.  Pretty little flowers.
Of course, the Lettered Cottage kitchen is included in here.  SO pretty.
Loving those stools.  I really like mixing the white with the wood.
Gorgeous kitchens!


Nicole said...

I hope this blog never goes away! There are so many pictures on here that I want to remember for a dream house. I love what you love. I think I like a little old world style mixed with your style. Which might be hard to do or find. But someday I'm going to hire your expertise! The ABC wall is adorable and my favorite picture.

The Keylors said...

I am loving the white with the wood too! I was thinking the same thing as I browsed your pictures...so pretty!

I do miss the Lettered cottages black kitchen though (even though their new colors are pretty as well).

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